Tom Casavant

Recently, I have been playing around with Twython (, a Twitter Api wrapper for Python. I decided to write a simple script that would automatically update your profile with a new color scheme, avatar, and banner (or background). I have it changing my profile every hour. The first step was creating the App with the webpage. Which was a simple process: 1. Navigate to 2. Click on Create new App (and fill in required information) 3. View your app’s page and click on ‘Keys and Access Tokens’ 4. Finally click ‘Generate Access Keys’ (At the bottom of the page) Now that we created the app, we now would have to program it. You’ll need to install Twython using ‘pip install twython’, and then open up your preferred text editor. We will first create a class called User, in which all of our functions will be stored, then create an init function where we will authenticate the user

Jul 21, 2016
5 minutes

The first part of making an extension for chrome is that you need the manifest file, so create a text file and name is manifest.json The manifest file basically says what your project is all about, and different things your project needs to run. Open the manifest file in a text editor and type in the “manifest_version”, you project name, it’s description, and it’s version…as such:

Apr 03, 2015
1 minute

To begin making an app for your “dumb” phone you have to setup the IDE. So you need to download the following things to your computer:

Mar 12, 2015
2 minutes

Recently I received a raspberry pi( as a Christmas gift. Soon after I was introduced to pianobar, a terminal based Pandora ( client for linux. After awhile I began to get annoyed by having to grab the keyboard whenever I wanted to “like” or “skip” a song. Then, I saw the wii remote. I quickly googled how to use python in conjunction with the wii remote and quickly discovered the library cwiid ( First off I went through a quick tutorial to learn how to use this library. Then I set off with my program. I began with a function to find the wii remote when you make it discoverable (By clicking 1 & 2)

Mar 02, 2015
3 minutes