Tom Casavant

Converting Old Radio into Bluetooth Radio

Aug 24, 2019
1 minute

Around a decade ago I purchased this old radio from a garage sale to listen to music and other radio programs. It worked well for me for a few years, but it quickly fell out of use when I got my first mp3 player. I never bothered to throw away the radio because I personally found it looked cool.

Recently, after moving to a new house I decided to upgrade the old radio so I could use it as a bluetooth radio which allowed me to combine style and functionality. I’ve never done a project like this before so I just started by taking apart the radio to see what was inside.

If found that all I really needed was the speaker from the old radio to be connected to the bluetooth receiver from a cheap bluetooth radio. So I pulled out the bluetooth receiver from the cheap radio and just rewired it inside the old radio.

It worked perfectly.


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