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Tom Casavant


Everyone on mastodon is always 'federated timeline' this and 'local timeline' that but nobody ever asks, where's OUR timeline? Well everything is about to change as we are proud to announce

The Tomline. #

(The Tomline is live @

The Tomline is an innovative design focused on providing the best experience in the fediverse. We combine AI technologies of the future with the blockchain technologies of the past to create the perfect blend of form and function. A timeline consisting entirely of people named Tom, Thomas, Tomas, and all other variants.

Screenshot of the Tomline in action
This is how the fediverse was meant to be viewed

But don't just take it from us, take it from our loyal Tomline subscribers

Blake's review of the Tomline
Kurt's review of the Tomline
Ashley's review of the Tomline


6 Replies

Andy Piper Andy Piper

@tom fun! When I started at Twitter (UK) we had 5 Toms (out of 100 people at the time, I was UK employee 100). They ended up having their own spot on the feature wall at reception when we moved to the bespoke office. #TooManyToms toomanytoms source

Andy Piper Andy Piper

(I decided that although this is Twitter-related, I want to share it, because this was a good memory of my time there, and I want to keep those alive, as much as I want to thing it is now to die) source

amykhar amykhar

@tom Back when Twitter first created lists, I had a list of people called Bob. I think it was one of the few things I enjoyed on Twitter. source

Jeni Tehan Jeni Tehan

@tom I found this written on the wall in my garage. Was it you? source

Tom Casavant Tom Casavant

In case you were too lazy to click on the link here are the client testimonials, definitively proving the Tomline is the only way to browse the fediverse aprilfools fediverse mastodon source

yes, it's me, liza ???????? ???? ???? yes, it's me, liza ???????? ???? ????

@tom LOL i love this source

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